What is Iron Sanctuary Gym?

Iron, one of the most abundant elements on Earth, helped give rise to modern structures and also an important mineral that the body needs for growth and development. In the same way, a sanctuary is known as a sacred or holy place where people prefer to go when they are happy, sad, angry, frustrated, or for peace of mind. Experience the best of both worlds at Iron Sanctuary Gym i.e., intensity/ force of iron through the workout which is important for your body’s growth and development, and post-workout experience for calmness/peace of mind like one can feel in the sanctuary.

Iron Sanctuary Gym is a premium fitness and wellness center, that focuses on creating an enriching workout experience
for members with its customized equipment, training styles, and certified trainers.


Our customized equipment includes a strongman squat bar, deadlift jack, and rope climb, and types of workouts such as functional fitness, calisthenics, traditional workout, and more, this makes the fitness sessions more interesting to our members. At ISG, members find peace of mind due to the ambience and positive vibes of the gym, which motivates them to start the journey of transformation from being fit to fitter.

Our Vision

To build a recreational center filled with strong-minded enthusiasts who honour fitness today and every day.

Our Trainers



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